Florida PETS 2023 in Orlando, March 3-5, 2023

Preparing the Next Generation of Rotary Club Presidents

Rotary Florida PETS is a partnership of eight Rotary Districts, covering the entire state of Florida and Grand Bahama Island. This elevating and informative seminar exposes Presidents-Elect to the latest trends and techniques in the operation of a Rotary Club. The PETS experience is also a wonderful opportunity for great fellowship and networking with approximately 650 Rotarians, from our entire area and beyond.

This website will assist in your preparation for PETS, and can also be used as a resource at any time. The best preparation for PETS includes attending your District pre-PETS and completing any assigned home study and exercises coming to you from the training team. If you have any questions, please refer these to your District Governor-Elect. He or she will be delighted to assist or refer you to an appropriate PETS committee member.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Rotary Florida PETS 2023!

Florida Rotary PETS 2023 Program

Keynote Speakers & Presenters

RIPE Gordon R. McInally

Gordon R. McInally

Rotary International President-Elect

PRIP Barry Rassin

Barry Rassin

Past Rotary International President

RID Brad Howard

Brad Howard

Past Rotary International Director

John Smarge

Past Rotary International Director

Kathy Fahy

2023 International Assembly Seminar Trainer

Leadership Training & Development

President-Elect Training Seminar

The PETS Training Team has developed a diverse curriculum based on its considerable experience and on the feedback received from previous attendees. The training is aimed specifically at giving practical information and best practices to prepare incoming Presidents for their year of service to their Club. Also during our meal sessions, we are treated to some of the very best speakers in the Rotary world.

Every year this unique PETS experience transforms those selected to lead their Clubs, giving them the knowledge and confidence to lead with innovation and inspiration. PETS is a participation sport, the more you put in, the more you get out, and the more your Club will benefit.

Join Breakout Sessions with Fellow President-Elect

Attention All Rotary Club Presidents-Elect

Key Dates to Remember in Rotary Year 2022-2023

January 8-12, 2023
DGEs International Assembly

January 31, 2023
PETS Registration Deadline

March 3 – 5, 2023
Florida PETS event in Orlando

July 1, 2023
A New Rotary Year Begins!

2023 Florida PETS


On behalf of our Florida PETS (President-Elect Training Seminar) Board of Directors, Executive Committee and Trainers, we congratulate you on being selected to serve as your club’s next Club President or Assistant Governor. Our objective is to do everything possible to help prepare you for an amazing year and experience in your new role.

In late August, 2022, we asked current Club Presidents to complete a very short survey (now that they had been in the role for two months), to ascertain what training was helpful and/or what they did not get, to help prepare them for their role as Club Presidents. The survey had over 200 respondents (51%) and the feedback provided many excellent points. We will work diligently to deliver, again, on the many positive experiences that were highlighted and also focus on those in-District or Florida PETS training opportunities that President-Elects indicated needed improvement or reinforce-ment.

The most critical training items PEs indicated they needed for their role were:

  • DACdb
  • Rotary Club Central
  • Membership
  • Rotary Brand Center
  • Foundation

As a result of this feedback, we offered PEs zoom sessions with subject-matter experts in these areas in advance Florida PETS (March 3-5, 2023). We recorded these sessions and made them available to you for further distribution to other club officers.  Please watch the videos below.

If you have any questions relating to these zoom sessions, please reach out to me directly – John A. Medina (2023 Florida PETS Training Chair) – medinaj@ffbf.com.




Have you registered for the 2023 Rotary International Convention in Melbourne, Australia?

Rotary International Convention Regitration

Meet Your District Governors

Presenting Rotary’s Florida District Governors for 2023-2024

When you arrive at PETS, look for fellow Club Presidents-Elect, Area Governors, and your respective District Governors by matching your badge color.

DGE Steve Overton

Steve Overton

District 6890
West Central Florida

Rotary District 6890 - Royal Blue Badge
DGE Douglas Heizeer

Douglas Heizer

District 6930
East Central Florida

Rotary District 6930 - Yellow Badge
Kerry Anne Schultz

Kerry Anne Schultz

District 6940
Florida Panhandle

Rotary District 6940 - Purple Badge
DGE Chris Casella

Chris Casella

District 6950
Florida Gulf Suncoast

Rotary District 6950 - Black Badge
DGE Alfred Current

Alfred Current

District 6960
Southwest Florida

Rotary District 6960 - Khaki Badge
John Tabor

John Tabor

District 6970
Northeast Florida

Rotary District 6970 - Burgundy Badge

Don Harris

District 6980
Central Florida

Rotary District 6980 - Orange Badge
DGE Barbara Gobbi

Barbara Gobbi

District 6990
South Florida & Bahamas

Rotary District 6990 - Orange Badge

Attention all Area Governors and Club Presidents-Elect

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What Past Club Presidents say

About Participating in Florida PETS

“PETS helped me prepare to lead my club with strategies and ideas to grow our membership, thrive in our community, and create value for current members through service projects and volunteering events.”

“PETS is a wonderful and brilliant experience for a President-Elect. Despite having served as Club President in another club, the Florida PETS game me a chance to meet and get to know other Club Presidents from Florida and the Bahamas.”

“Attending PETS was an amazing experience. Not only did I learn updated knowledge about Rotary, but I also made lifelong connections with other Presidents-Elect from across the state of Florida and the Bahamas.”